Top 25 Artist Mistakes

(and how to avoid them)

Artists tend to make the same mistakes over and
over again. Yet all these mistakes are so easy to
avoid – if you know to look out for them.

In this book master artist, Nolan Clark, will show
you what the top 25 mistakes are that artists constantly make.

Nolan has over 17 years of teaching experience in his studio and online. During this time he has taught over 3.5 million students how to paint and draw.

Now you can jump the queue by not only learning what these mistakes are, but also how to avoid them.

Everything is revealed and explained in detail and in an easy to understand manner.

This book is so jam packed with gems that your
copy will be dog eared from using it so often.


  • How the initial drawing work can trash your entire artwork
  • What “Completing the Roundings” is all about and how it can turn a flat artwork into one with depth
  • Why it is important to use your Artist License
  • What the “Looking In” effect is and how to use it to turn your artwork into a masterpiece

and 21 other awesome trade secrets
in over 100 pages of revelations


The best art book I have ever bought. I can’t believe I learned so much from one book!

- Steve, USA

Thank you for releasing this book Nolan, your sales page didn’t lie, my book is already starting to look rough edged from referencing it so often.

- Margaret, UK

This book showcases awesome illustrations supported by a wealth of well executed information at your fingertips.

This is one of the best investments I have made to help me grow as an artist.

- Deborah, Canada

Nolan has shared, in this book, a lifetime’s worth of experience.
This is unlike any other art book I have…and I have acquired a lot. It’s a valuable resource.
The book will be of tremendous value to any artist, in whatever medium.

- Susan, USA
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