How to Paint a Tulip in Oil

Skill Level : 1 Beginner

Medium : Oil Painting

Subject : Flowers

Tutor : Nolan Clark

Class Length : 3 hours 45 minutes

Avg Rating :

Class Description

In this, the first part of the three part class you will learn:
1.    How to redraw your flowers
2.    How to mix and test if your colours are correct before you start painting
3.    How to get clean edges in your painting
4.    How to increase the amount of distance in a still life
5.    How to paint the background so it draws attention to the focal point
6.    How to save your paints for the next session


In this, the second part of the three part class you will learn:
1.    The easiest way to shade the petals
2.    How to ensure it looks like the sun is coming from one direction
3.    How to get clean edges on your petals and leaves
4.    How to get the “looking in” effect inside the flower
5.    How to use shadows to create distance between the petals
6.    How to paint the leaves
7.    How to fix mistakes
8.    How to tie the stem and the flower together to ensure the flower doesnt look like its been “plugged into” the stem, but that they naturally change from the one to the other.

In this, the third part of the three part class you will learn:
1.    How to adjust a colour that you are not happy with on a dry painting.
2.    How to paint water drops – all 3 variations
3.    How many water drops to paint and where to paint them to ensure they look natural
4.    The importance of choosing a distinctive signature
5.    The correct way to sign your name

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Latest Reviews

As someone else put it to me, painting the tulip is a rite of passage for PB members. The instructions and explanations were so clear that I was able to complete well \’my tulip\’ class, even though I had never painted before.


About Nolan Clark

Nolan Clark has been painting and drawing since 1996. He enjoys working in many mediums and styles, but realism is his favourite. He teaches drawing, painting as well as scratch board classes on the site.
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