How to Draw Cars - Fast & Easy

If you always wanted to draw cars, then follow this quick start guide. It will show you how to draw your first car in 30 minutes.

Step 1

Draw a horizontal line and then draw two ellipses a short distance apart:

Step 2

We are now going to add the width of the car by making a mark to the right of the car.

Then mark the width of each tyre and draw in the oval for the right hand wheel:

Step 3

Move up from the hood and begin to draw in the windscreen, the baseline, and the belt line. These start to flesh out the overall proportion of the car.

Lightly mark the center line of the car as it will help position the rest of the details.

Step 4

Working from the center line rough in the grille and headlights. To get the perspective correct make the right hand light smaller than the left hand one.

Now add a narrower oval to the two left hand wheels to indicate the rims. Indicate the door and wheel flares.

Also add the width of the body between the front and side windscreens.

With that you have the representation of a car, well done!

Step 5

Now we will start to add detail to the car.

Draw in the rims and shade between them to make them stand out.

Add more detail to the headlights and shade the grille.

Start to add shading to the inside of the car to indicate the distant windows, etc.

Step 6

From here we would need to continue adding details to make it look even more realistic, but I think you have a good idea of how the basic process works and will be able to continue sketching other cars as practice.

What I would like to do is take you to the next level by showing you even more techniques to get your cars drawn out with accuracy.

I would also like to show you how to add all the finer details and of course add color and realism to your drawings so that they look like this:

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