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Frequently Asked Questions

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Access & Log In
Joining / Payment
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Access & Log In Questions

I Cannot Log In? +

There are many things that can go wrong during the log in process, here are the most common:

Not knowing where to log in. Here are the two possibilities depending on how large your screen is:


Computer / Wide Screen

In the top right hand side of the screen, click the Log In menu item

Phone or Narrow Screen

1) Click the menu
2) Scroll down inside the menu
3) Click the Log In menu item


Incorrect username or password

Your username is unique to you so you have to type it in exactly or the system will reject it. If you are unsure of your username, you can also type in your email address in the username box.

It is even more important that you type in your password correctly as your password is CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Also ensure that if you are copying and pasting your password that the computer is not selecting a space before or after the password. If it is, the system will reject your log in attempt.


Forgotten username or password

If you have lost your username, you can also use your email address in the username field.

If you have lost your password, then you can click HERE to reset it.

Note: If you request a password reset email and do not receive the email, then please check your spam folder to see if it is not there. If it is not in your spam folder, then please CONTACT US so we do a manual reset for you.


Joining & Payment Questions

What Payment Forms Do You Accept? +

We accept Paypal, Credit and most Debit cards (if your debit card has a Mastercard or Visa logo on it, then you can use it to purchase on our site.

Are My Payments Secure? +
Paypal, Credit and Debit card payments are processed safely and securely via Paypal or 2Checkout which are two of the largest and most trusted payment processing providers on the Internet. We never see your credit card or personal details, so your privacy and security is assured.
I Never Received My Log In Info +

When you joined, your log in details were emailed to you. Please check your inbox for your log in details.

Note that it may take up to five minutes for this email to arrive.

If the email is not in your inbox within five minutes, please also check your spam / junk mail folder as it may have landed there.

If you still have no email, please Contact Us so we can assist. When doing so please just remember that we live in New Zealand, so there may be a delay of a few hours before we respond (if you contact us while we are sleeping).

How Long Is a Membeship For? +

The short answer is : for as long as you want to remain a member.

When you join the VIP membership you can remain a member on a month to month basis. Your membership then auto-renews itself automatically every month until you decide to stop.

When you decide to stop your membership, you go to your Profile page and look for the Subscriptions tab.

I Am Going On Holiday, Can I Pause My Membership? +

A membership cannot be paused. You can stop your membership at any time, then rejoin again when you are ready.

Note however that when you rejoin, your courses will start unlocking from the beginning again.

To cancel your membership go to your Profile page and look for the Subscriptions tab.

Can I Purchase an Individual Class? +

Not at Art by Nolan. You can however visit our sister website : to purchase individual classes.

Video Related Questions

The Videos Just Take Me To a Sales Page +

You need to be logged in as a member to see the class videos.

If you are a member

To check if you are logged in look at the top menu, there should be a Profile link:


If there is a Log In link, then you know what to do 😉

If you are not a member yet

By becoming a member you will get access to all the class videos for the one low monthly payment. These videos are extremely comprehensive and add up to hundreds of hours worth of instruction.

The Videos Will Not Play / Stop and Start Intermittently +

Playing video over the Internet requires a good connection speed. Sometimes your connection can become a little shaky, especially during peak traffic time, like between 7am and 9am as well as between 5pm and 10pm when everybody is on the Internet at the same time. A slow connection could however happen at any time of the day.

At times when your connection is slow, then reduce the quality of the video by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right hand corner and selecting a lower value:


The quality of the video will reduce, but it will mean it uses less bandwidth = faster video.

Normally you can set the quality of the video to 720p. When your connection is slow, then a setting of 480p will usually solve the problem.

If using a lower setting still does not solve the problem, then try rebooting your computer. Once rebooted, open only this tab in your browser and ensure all other programs / apps are closed.

This will free up the required memory your device needs to play video.

Can I Download the Videos? +

Unfortunately we do not allow our videos to be downloaded, sorry.

Can I Watch the Videos Offline? +

Unfortunately not. The amount of videos on the site is simply too large to enable offline viewing.

Class Questions & Feedback

How Do I Post My Artwork For Feedback? +

If you have completed a class artwork and are looking for feedback from the group, then:

1) Take a photo of the artwork
2) Come back to the site, the navigate to the correct class
3) Go to the Discussion Area on the class page
4) There you can type your message and upload your photo for comment

Please Note – although our tutors and members are very active, we cannot guarantee a response to your posts. When you post an artwork, it could also take a long time before somebody replies or comments – remember we are all living in different time zones.

I Am Watching a Class and Have a Question, Can I Email You? +

We have thousands of students following our classes so personal / email assistance is simply not possible.

Our tutors are however very active on the site, so please do use the Discussion Area on the class page to ask your questions. The tutors or a member will answer your question on the page for you at some point.

Please Note – although our tutors and members are very active, we cannot guarantee a response to your questions. When you post a question, it could also take a long time before somebody replies or comments – remember we are all living in different time zones.

Where Do I Find the Class Handouts? +

Each class has a series of tabs:

a) Class Description
b) Class Handouts
c) Add Your Review
d) Read Class Reviews

Note : You have to be logged in to see all the tabs. If some of the tabs are missing chances are you are not logged in.

To access the tab and the info under that tab simply click it's heading. The info for that tab will then display.

The position of the tabs are usually directly below the class video. They do look slightly different depending on if you are on a desktop or tablet versus on your mobile phone.

This is what the tabs look like on a desktop computer:


and this is what they look like on a mobile phone:


To get to the class handouts, click the Class Handouts tab.

The handouts will display and you can download from there.

PS - Notice there is an Add Your Review tab as well. You are welcome to give each class a star rating and leave your own review of the class. This helps others decide whether to follow that class as well or not. It also helps us see which classes you prefer so we can make more, similar classes.

How Does the Class Rating and Review System Work? +


You can give each class a rating between zero and five stars.

All the ratings are then averaged and shown here:


This allows members to quickly see whether other members have enjoyed the class or not. It is also a way for us to see which class are most popular.

In order to rate a class, go to the Add Your Review tab.

You will find it located here on a desktop or tablet:



and here on a mobile phone:


To add your rating simply click the amount of stars you want to give the class. by clicking on the stars. The left most star is a 1 star rating. By clicking the rightmost star you are giving a 5 star rating.

You can change your rating at any time.

If you want to remove your rating you can click the circle with the X in it:



You can add your impressions of the class as well by going to the Add Your Review tab and then typing in your review of the class in the class review box (marked with a red 1 in the image below):


When you are happy with your review click the Add Review button (marked with a red 2 in the image above)

Note - You can come back here at any time to change or remove your review

Please - This is not the place to ask questions about the class. Use the Class Discussion area to do that.

Marketing Enquiries

How Can We Contact You About Marketing Opportunities? +

We love to chat to and work with other artists. If you have an idea where you think we can work together, then please do Contact Us.

We look forward to chatting with you.

Do You Have an Affiliate / Referral Program? +

No we don't, but our sister website does. You can get more info about it HERE