Customer Testimonials


Thanks for the lessons. I found they gave me the confidence and techniques to approach this mode of painting in my retirement. These lessons were the best I found after extensive searching of the internet as well as local tutors. Another aspect of your course is that they concur with the techniques of Sanden and Sargent who I have been trying to apply.

- Kevin, USA

I can't believe how these pencil tutorials are resulting in such fabulous works of art. The realism and tonal ranges are fantastic. Hands are notoriously difficult to draw and yet, Nolan's instruction lessons are making you folks great Artists!

- Tony, UK

I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting and I see improvements with each drawing. a few months ago I would have sworn I would never be able to draw anything that looks realistic. guess I was wrong about that. I just needed a good teacher.

- Shirl, USA

thank you … fantastic lesson. i learned so much. it's good the way you break things right down for beginners like me. i need to know the nitty-gritty and you do it very well!

- Michelle, USA

I am one of the people attending Nolan's classes. I did attend all his pencil classes and I learned a lot and improved my drawing skills 1000%. He is a great teacher.

- Doina, USA

This course is so much fun and I'm surprised at the results I'm getting. it's exciting

- Shirl, USA

this particular portrait series opened up the door for me to paint portraits with confidence. I recommend this detailed course to any portrait painter and others too. I thank you dearly for the encouragement and the oil painting lessons I have had with you

- Val, South Africa

I love the way you teach the classes, very informative and relaxed.

- Diane, USA

If I had not started the course, I never would have been able to draw like this. Gotta keep learning more. Thanks for being there!!!

- MaryAnne, Hawaii

Love how you present this basic information in a way that is easy to understand and master ... after struggling in the drawing elective of my TAFE visual art course I was feeling inept and overwhelmed. Now I am slowly work through the line and shade templates and exercises and achieving small successes. Brilliant, thanks heaps!

- Fae, Australia

Nolan, I'd like to say that the descriptive teaching you give before you ever start drawing has been invaluable. I have done some portrait classes, and have gotten some of the "principles" or "rules" of drawing them, but not a complete understanding of why it is done that way, and what to look for in your subject. This is quite enriching.

- Sarah, USA

Thank you Nolan, for a brilliant course! You lay a teriffic foundation and then you carefully build on that, without us really knowing what it is you are doing. . . . excellent!

- Bev, Canada

Thanks Nolan! You are such an awesome teacher and I appreciate you very much!

- Mary Lou, USA

Thanks for your great and patient art instruction

- Mea, USA

Hi Nolan, I must say. You are a great teacher. I've attended several painting courses and nowhere have I been taught so many techniques.

- Luba, Israel

The picture of Nolan's realistic rose painting in the class descriptions is the reason I joined the club. I thought it was a photo until I opened it full size. I immediately signed up. Flowers are one of my favorite subjects, I just completed the first realistic flowers part one and have already learned a few tricks that will save me so much in production time. I am starting the petals today, I look forward to the new skills and techniques. Thank you so much!

- Bee, USA

I can honestly say that since following the tutorials I can see such a HUGE improvement in my learning how to paint! I am sooo enjoying painting again and the fact that I completed my rose AND went on to do the still life is a 'miracle' in itself.

- Toni, United Kingdom

I'm part way through the drawing course and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm doing things I have never done before and seeing things in a whole new way. I love it here. Lots to learn, a friendly atmosphere. Help when I need it. ...can't wish for better!

I must add that Nolan gives us a real big bang for our buck! Taking the college courses are way, way more expensive than taking the classes here.

- Lillian, Canada

It is truly amazing at what you can learn from this course. I couldn't draw at all before this course and now I am learning to do things I thought impossible.

- Penny, USA

Nolan, thank you for the great quality of the picture and sound. You have invested in new equipment so that we can have the best quality. Thank you for spending your money on us

- Val, South Africa

this is definitely the best site to have found for learning, support and advice

- Lisa, New Zealand

thank you for a wonderful web site and classes and your sense of humor while instructing us

- JoAn, USA

Thank you for your expert tuition, support, guidance and encouragement during the year which has changed my life

- Patricia, Canada

I started here about 8 months ago and have never drawn before I have tried all mediums but the advise and teaching skills from Nolan are the best I have come across

- Ray, United Kingdom

I have finished Lets Draw course as well as the oil painting lessons. I can't believe that all of them worked out well. I never had any talent in art (I even have no interest about it). Before I have tried around 10 other online sites and 2 attended two onsite courses - nothing worked out for me. I started to believe that you really need talent to paint and almost give up. When I started here I got one exiting job done after another. I have to say that your way of explaining things are simply brilliant. You concentrate on teaching fishing instead of giving fish. Besides you choose really exiting and doable projects for concrete skill level.

- Raitis, Latvia

This guy really starts with the basics! Introduction to pencil drawing, very interesting and comprehensive video.

- Oasis Education, Phuket

Nolan just wanted to say that the dog pencil course is just out of this world. It's a Fabulous course thank you so much for doing it. You have so much patience that's something I have little of but I am realising that it is a quality that is very much needed so thank you.

- Ray, UK

Nolan you are indeed an inspiring and caring teacher and I sincerely appreciated you sharing your wonderful skills and knowledge.

- Brigitta, Australia

I have so enjoyed this course Nolan. I have learnt so much and am really enjoying drawing and feel with practice everyday that I will get better and better.

- Marguerite, Canada

Your online teaching is fantastic, it makes learning art a lot more comfortable and easier as we can watch your classes whenever we want, this is the best support available online

- Robert, Australia

I just want to thank you for your tutorials. I'm new to painting and am reading books galore, and the tutorials so far have managed to help bridge the gap between relaying the messages and my understanding.

- John, United Kingdom

Thank you Nolan, this site is invaluable to me, there is nothing else like it on the web, believe me I know because I have been to every art site imaginable, many thanks to you. You are helping me grow as an artist in an incredibly fast speed.

- Anya, Canada

My drawing and painting has reached a new level, for me, in the past 4 weeks with the knowledge drawn from this course. I will refer to my reference material for years to come. I can't thank you enough for what this course has given me through, knowledge and encouragement.

- Tom, USA

I have watched all the videos and the amount of information is awesome!!! I understand a lot more but it will take watching the videos several times to soak up all the information you have included. I am taking an acrylic class and going to try my first landscape soon and will go through the videos again when I get ready to start planning it. I really like the detail you gave in mixing and matching paints and choosing colors. I have never found it covered so well any place else. Thanks so much for putting all of this information together and sharing it.

- Shirl, USA

The drawing course was amazing. I could only draw lollipop trees at the start of the course but by the end of it I was able to produce pictures which look pretty life-like and which I can honestly say I am quite proud of. If you think you can't draw doing this course really will change your mind.

- Eve, New Zealand

Color Buster

While I was watching the course I came across Nolan and his COLOUR BUSTER and thought "Hey that just looks so simple to be of any use". I was wrong. The COLOUR BUSTER is INGENIOUS and for $17.00 is A BEST BUY for sorting out THE DREADED MIXING PROBLEMS. It WORKED FANTASTICALLY!

- Tony, UK

Nolan's free color mixing lesson and the Color Buster has made understanding color mixing sooooo much easier! What a difference it makes in your art!!

- Christina, USA

I'm glad to have gotten your Color Buster and Pencil Finder..... so very useful. They are wonderful tools for the art.

- Bella, Canada

Some colors are so dark or so light that it's hard to tell what they are. The Color Buster works well for that too.

- Pat, USA

I purchased the color buster set. What an awesome tool!

- Lori, USA

The Color Buster and the Grey Buster are all super and I am busy matching colours with ease.

- Ken, South Africa

I dabbled with oil painting years ago, but exactly a year ago I started painting with acrylics, downloading data on acrylic painting from websites, such as Paint Basket.What a revelation it was to really finally understand colour mixing, by using the COLOUR BUSTER, and obtaining acrylic works of art that my family and friends appreciated. This really gave me a feeling of satisfaction and joy, and made painting so much easier, especially with acrylics and the COLOUR BUSTER...

- Dr Luntz, South Africa